Are you going to take that call?

Oakhurst Insurance encourages safe driving for all people at all times and we think it important to alert everyone to the fact that April is National Distracted Driver Awareness month.

Experts repeatedly confirm that driving is a highly cognitive process. When driving, there shouldn’t be any question on allowing your brain to focus on other matters. This is why any form of distraction while driving will exponentially increase your risk of having an accident.

Without a doubt, the number one distractor whilst driving is the cell phone. As humans have made the cell phone an indistinguishable part of our lives, and as the number of times people interact with their cell phones each and every year increases, the temptation to continue that interaction while driving is magnified.

A frightening statistic is that those who talk on their cell phones whilst driving are four times more likely to have an accident than those who don’t and those who text while driving are eight times more likely to have an accident!

During the month of April, Oakhurst Insurance encourages all South African drivers to make a pledge to their family, their friends and their colleagues, to “not” take that call or text while driving. No call is that important to “have to” take it while driving. If you feel you really must, first pull your vehicle to the side of the road, make sure you’re in a safe place and ensure that your hazard lights are on.

The pledge to not take that call, we feel, will make a difference to our road accident statistics.

Safe Driving lies at the heart of our vision at Oakhurst Insurance, and our Smart-Box is a telematics device which is installed in many of our clients’ vehicles, and encourages good driver behaviour by giving feedback on safe-driving indicators, such as acceleration, speeding and harsh cornering and braking. The Oakhurst Smart-Box not only aids driving safety, but also gives us the ability to offer proactive emergency assistance and accurate insurance premiums.

Visit to find out more about our offerings and remember to spread the message of National Distracted Driving Awareness this April.

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