I Think I Can, I know I Can

I don’t remember too many children’s stories from my rapidly receding childhood but I do remember the classic story of “The Little Engine That Could” by Watty Piper, possibly because it connected with me on a deeper level than I could discern at that young age.

I fondly remember this diminutive steam engine doing what the larger, more powerful locomotives either believed was impossible, or couldn’t be bothered to attempt because they thought it was beneath their ‘station’ in life (if you will forgive the pun).

I now realise this story appealed to me as a child because this pint-sized steam engine delivered (where the larger locomotives didn’t) simply because he really cared about the children at the top of the hill rather than concerning himself with the detail of the journey (such as how much coal would be required or the power he needed to generate to reach the top of the hill).

This real caring for the children at the summit gave purpose to that little engines’ trip and fuelled his passion to deliver food, toys, and joy to the children at the top of the hill.

This connection with something bigger than simply pulling a long train of fully loaded railway cars up a hill gave him a sense of purpose which surpassed the difficulties and technicalities of the task and fuelled his determination to overcome his own limitations and the challenges he faced to deliver what needed to be delivered.

At Oakhurst Insurance, we identify with that giant-hearted little steam engine that ‘thought he could’. Our mantra, We Really Care, We Deliver, is thus more than just our guiding philosophy … It’s our way of life.

Since We Really Care, we believe in doing more than simply insuring our clients. We strive instead to offer the peace of mind that comes with knowing when you are insured with Oakhurst Insurance you are covered by an insurer who has your best interests at heart.

So, what do We really care about?

We really care about our customer’s financial well-being and success. Every Oakhurst Insurance employee (we call them associates) and business partner is held accountable to really care for our policyholders too. This gives purpose to everything we do as an organisation. It fuels our passion and drives our behaviour as we strive to be there for our policyholders every step of their insurance journey with us.

Because We really care for our policyholders, we have a compulsion to Deliver world-class, personalized service, despite any challenges we might face along the way. We strive to achieve this through our focus on lean philosophy and a culture of excellence in execution aimed at optimizing value for our clients and eliminating waste at every step of their insurance journey with us.

In so doing we define value through the eyes of our policyholders. If we discover a product we offer (or a process or task we perform) that doesn’t ultimately add value for our client we classify it as ‘waste’ and we will work fastidiously to remove this waste from our system to improve our policyholder’s experience and lower costs for them. Once successful, this new process then becomes the new standard of performance we rigorously implement.

Our insurance processes can therefore be seen as a continuous series of ‘controlled experiments’ that establish a hypothesis and define a desired specification that is tested through a series of Dr W Edwards Deming’s famous PDSA cycles. This approach leads to continuous improvement of our processes and increasing value-add for our policyholders.

This scientific approach therefore inspires our associates to engage in the kind of experimentation that is widely recognized as the cornerstone of a learning organization to the benefit of our policyholders.

What makes our uphill journey gratifying for us, however, is we are able to pass on the accumulated cost savings resulting from the continuous elimination of waste and continuously improved processes to our policyholders in the form of the lowest premiums possible while delivering world class service, securing the financial well-being of our policyholders and ensuring we offer our clients the highest quality insurance cover possible.

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