Lessons learned at Oakhurst Insurance

Your greatest asset is your people.
The importance of having a vision
The importance of having values …..and living them.
If you expect life to gift you wins, you will be disappointed. If you expect to do well on the back of hard work you’ve got a far better shot at being rewarded.
Initiative and Execution are critical to success. The former without the latter is useless.
Keeping things simple aids execution. If you can’t explain something simply you don’t understand it well enough. Anything that you’re vague on will bite you at some point in time.
If you’re going to do anything, do it with excellence or don’t bother at all.
It’s ok to make a mistake.Put up your hand, fix it, move on.
The more you learn, the more you realize how little you really know. Never fool yourself into thinking there isn’t always scope for improvement.
Your greatest asset is your people.
It all starts and ends with “people”.

Peter Grindlay

MD – Oakhurst Insurance Company Limited

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