Proudly launching our Oakhurst Chatbot

Our Oakhurst Chatbot is a program that simulates a real conversation with users by using artificial intelligence. Chatbot ‘lives’ on the Home Page of our website and offers you an exciting and easy way to engage with us.

Try it out and enjoy a super-fast and stimulating experience!

Chatbots are really easy to use. Many people prefer using this online chat method to phoning a call centre as it is instantaneous. We are here for you either way, the choice is yours. To use the Chatbot, simply go to and select the Chatbot window at the bottom of our Home Screen and start typing your question or request

We have designed our Chatbot to assist you with, amongst other, the following:

Requesting a Quote
Intimating a Claim
Providing your Debit Date or Premium Amount
Providing information on Amounts Debited off your account /or Payments Made, from Oakhurst
Advising who your PPC is
Emailing Policy Documents directly to you
Providing Policy Information
“Although our Chatbot is still in its infancy, it is already making a profound impact on our ability to better service our clients. The joy of this technology is that the more you engage with it, not only do you learn more, but so does it!

It’s not surprising to find that many of our clients prefer the speed and efficiency of digital platforms, as also the fact that they’re not restricted to functionality only during office hours. There’s no escaping the fact that an instant messaging platform is not only quicker than engaging through a call centre, but also far more cost effective for all concerned.

It goes without saying that different personalities will always have different preferences when it comes to how one chooses to engage, and some will always prefer to talk to a human. Our goal is to offer our clients the choice of any option – over the counter, person to person telephonic, online chat (human) and Chatbot (robotic).

As our learnings increase in this fascinating world of technology, we will keep innovating and working on being able to offer our clients the best of all worlds, in partnering with them in every aspect of their risk management”. – Peter Grindlay

So next time you have a query, visit our Oakhurst website and give our Chatbot a try. We look forward to hearing from you!

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