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Stay out of trouble with these hassle-free services.

Thinking about your entire driving experience is what we do at Oakhurst Insurance. We’re not just interested in making sure you have sufficient cover for your vehicle. We know there is a lot more to driving on our county’s roads, and we are here to partner with you, ensuring all the other potential headaches are taken care of, such as license renewals and traffic fines notification and reduction. You have access to these and more Road Protect benefits which are included in your Gold Club Membership.

Your membership includes:


Most road users have had a fine for a minor road indiscretion at some stage or another, yet often these are not paid up which can lead to increased penalties or even legal action. Fines Protect will work with you to notify you of all fines and then provide a quick, easy and painless channel to get these fines paid. You will also receive guaranteed fines reductions. No queues or administrative nightmares when dealing with the Traffic Department. You have the benefit of a safe, secure fines payment facility which provides proof of settlement and peace of mind that there will be no nasty surprises at future road blocks.

Fines Protect services include:

A quick and efficient traffic fines monitoring and notification system with 100% of fines discounts/recoveries passed back to you.
Full legal assistance to assess the legitimacy and legality of fines.
Guaranteed fines reduction.
An easy, quick, safe and secure fines payment facility.
Proof of fines settlement.

The Problem
The fact is that all road users have to renew their car and drivers’ licenses regularly. The problem is that there is no proactive license renewal notification and these processes are extremely frustrating and time consuming due to filling in forms and waiting in queues at the post office or licensing departments. The process can also be costly due to penalties for late payment.

Our Solution
License Protect members have access to a unique service that is designed to take the hassle out of license renewals. License Protect will work with members to firstly notify them of license renewals, and then provide a quick, easy and painless channel to get these licenses renewed, with the added benefit of having your licenses delivered to you.

License Protect Services include:

Quick and efficient license monitoring and notification system
Limited need to fill in long and complicated forms
Easy payment facility
Proof of license renewals
Delivery of renewed licenses to you
Assistance in the event that your licenses are lost or stolen
To access your Gold Club benefits, speak to your Personal Portfolio Consultant.

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