Telematics FAQs

“Can I actually improve my Good Driver score?” and other “FAQ’s”

The answer is a definitive “Yes”! The Telematics Smart-Box is one of our most unique features at Oakhurst Insurance. This offering has been designed to create safer, smarter drivers. Achieving driver Safety, providing proactive emergency Assistance and accurate insurance Premiums (SAP) will always be the lifeblood of our Good Driver Programme

How can I improve my score?

By focusing on our seven key indicators, namely:

Time of day
Harsh Acceleration
Harsh Braking
Distance travelled
Cornering and
Tips on how you can improve your driving behaviour can be found in the Good Driver guide and on our website

Telematics Portal.

What is the maximum and minimum scores I can get?

The maximum score you can get in a month is 100. The minimum score is 0.

How are the final scores compared?

Final scores are compared to others in three leader boards:

Low distance
Medium distance and
High distance.
How much can I get back with the Good Driver Bonus?

The top 100 drivers in each of the three leader boards receive 25% of their monthly premium back. The next 100 drivers in each of the three leader boards receive 15% of their premium back.

How long must my Smart-Box be fitted before I can receive the Good Driver Bonus?

The Smart-Box must be functional for one full calendar month before you can receive a Good Driver Bonus.

When will I not be paid the Good Driver Bonus?

When your score does not fall within our top 600 scores. You will also not receive your Good Driver Bonus for a specific month if:

Your vehicle has travelled 0km in that month
You have registered a claim in that month
You cancel your policy in that month
Where can I view my scores and driving progress?

You can view your scores and driving behaviour or progress on our Telematics Portal which can be accessed through our website at

Will I be notified of my scores?

Yes, you will. You can request to be notified via email or SMS.

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