George fires spark community into action

Today the town of George woke up to a blanket of smoke and thickening ash in the air. It soon became a hive of activity as hundreds of firefighters set up camp along the Outeniqua Pass to combat the blazing fires by land and air.

It was later in the day that a precautionary evacuation was announced forcing some residents to gather at the local Town Hall and Rosemoor Stadium. Oakhurst staff members made an impressive 355 sandwiches for these community members and supplied them with 300 bottles of water. A total of 300 cooked meals were also made for the firefighters.

Despite the panic in the air, there were heart-warming scenes at the Town Hall and Rosemoor Stadium where the generosity of the George community meant that fellow residents and firefighters would not go hungry. This was a small display of the enormous appreciation the community has for our heroes who put their lives on the line to keep our communities and environment safe.


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