SA Toll Route Calculator

Whether you’re going to hit the road for religious reasons, to visit family or a road trip with your friends, planning every detail of the entire trip is very important – especially when it comes to budgeting. Travelling between cities and provinces will most likely result in you passing a few tollgates on the way to your destination. These toll gates cater for all vehicle types and accept payment in cash, card as well as e-tags.

Thankfully, Drive South Africa has developed a South African toll route calculator making it even easier to factor in most, if not all the costs of your trip. The calculator is easy to use and gives you a breakdown of the toll gates you’ll pass as well as the fees you’ll need to pay at each point.
You can also get driving directions if you’re unsure of which way to go or route to pick, all within the same tool – how’s that for driver convenience?

Access the toll route calculator here:

Calculations are based on the current toll tariffs. Oakhurst Insurance is not responsible for the maintenance of the toll route calculator tool or any incorrect calculations it may give. Calculations are based on information user has entered on the website.

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