The 4th of May is International Firefighters’ Day!

International Firefighters’ Day is a global event which is held on the 4th of May. It is a day used to honour our courageous firefighters that make massive sacrifices to ensure that our communities are kept safe.

Last year the town of George hosted firefighters from all over the Western and Southern Cape, and this year, it’s Stellenbosch’s turn. This event once again highlights the very real and present danger that firefighters face on a daily basis, serving the communities of this country by putting their lives on the line. The Eden District will be sending teams of firefighters to Stellenbosch to participate in the planned festivities for International Firefighters Day. “The work that our firefighters do is so important for our community, and I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of everyone at Oakhurst Insurance, to wish the Eden District teams well during the gruelling activities that they will participate in at this event.” commented Peter Grindlay, Managing Executive of Oakhurst Insurance.

In the last two years, Oakhurst Insurance, together with other local businesses, have helped renovate both the George and Thembalethu Fire Departments. “We shouldn’t need a catastrophic fire or parade to remind us of the great work they do and we would like to continuously encourage our locals to get more involved with our Emergency Services and enhance community co-operation wherever possible.” added Grindlay.
The support shown by members of the community to the Fire Department really warms our hearts and stays in minds long after these special events. It serves to remind us of why we wake up each and every morning and do what we do.” says Neels Barnard, Fire Chief of the George Fire Department.

This International Firefighters’ Day we once again call upon all South Africans to acknowledge the great work performed by these heroes. If you would like to follow the festivities, then make sure you get to Stellenbosch on Saturday morning (the 4th of May) and watch the procession of 45 vehicles and 130 firefighters as it drives through the town. Then make your way to The Braak to watch exciting demonstrations of firefighting and rescue operations, and to cheer on the teams from all the participating departments as they compete for top prizes in a variety of challenging events.
Here is the programme for the day:

  • 7.45am Vehicles assemble at Stellenbosch Fire and Rescue
  • 8.30am Procession departs
  • 10am Procession arrives at The Braak
  • 10.15am Opening prayer and scripture reading
  • 10.30am IFDD Ceremony
  • 11am Speeches
  • 11am Speeches
  • 11.20am Start of demonstrations and events and start of team challenge
  • 2.30pm Final word of thanks and prize giving

It is definitely a day of fun for young and old to enjoy!

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