Who is Dara?

If you’ve logged onto our website, you will have been greeted by Dara, very politely offering to be of assistance.

At Oakhurst we’re serious about embracing technology, remaining on the cutting edge of innovation, and always providing service excellence. Dara is our very own Chatbot who provides a world class interface for highly effective servicing and engagement with our customers, regardless of the type of electronic device they are using.

For those new to the concept, a Chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) programme that is designed to simulate human conversation. Engagement with Dara is designed to feel no different to communicating with a human. She is programmed to offer you instant assistance with a multitude of insurance-related queries, and tirelessly does so 24/7!

Whether you’re reluctant towards making a phone call, or seek to get your personal admin done after hours, Dara provides you with a fast, friendly and professional service experience. Amongst other functionalities, she is able to assist with obtaining quotes, submitting claims and updating policy information. She is also able to give more specific information related to policies, and is always ready to escalate the matter to one of our client-care consultants if need be.

Chat to Dara today (Oakhurstins.co.za) and experience the future first-hand!

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