Experience Artificial Intelligence through our chatbot, Dara

What’s being called the 4th industrial revolution is upon us and is here to stay. It’s about how we live, work and interact with one another. Thanks to technological developments, we have now entered a whole new chapter of human history, and the changes are so significant that they are being compared to the great changes that ushered in the previous three industrial revolutions. 

This revolution is being driven by digital technology, such as artificial intelligence and the internet’s capability of connecting everything. We’ve seen that apps which allow you to bank, hail a taxi, monitor your heart rate and even count your steps are already a massive part of our lives.

At Oakhurst Insurance, continuous innovation and embracing technology are key components in our commitment to providing our clients with exceptional service. Dara, our Chatbot, is just one of these innovations.

In today’s world, you, the insurance customer, deserves high-speed service and instant answers for insurance-related needs. Enter Dara, who is available any time of the day or night!

Dara is our Artificial Intelligence Chatbot who can interact with you and assist you with insurance-related queries. Providing quotes, submitting claims and updating policies are just a few of the services she offers. The experience will leave you wondering whether she’s actually human! Her programming enables her to constantly learn and upgrade herself with every interaction. The best part is that answers are instant, 24/7, and remember that if ever you feel the need to preferably engage a human, just let Dara know and she’ll make it happen – your choice! 

Dara is an extension of our client-care team and supports them, not only by swiftly taking care of more standardised matters, but also by freeing them up to personally service you on more complex requests. 

To find out more about what Dara can do for you, or to experience chatbot interaction at its smartest, go to www.oakhurstins.co.za and start chatting now.

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