The youth of George use drama to show how much they really care

The inaugural World of Tomorrow Drama Festival launched by George Municipality, took place at the Oakhurst Insurance George Arts Theatre between the 31st of July and the 2nd of August 2019, and proved to be a major success.
A total of 53 primary school and 48 high school learners from nine schools participated in the drama festival, where they were given the opportunity to bring home their message of energy efficiency through theatrical productions.
The drama festival ended with a gala evening which showcased the Overall Best Production Winners for the competition. Guests on the evening included school principals, parents of the learners and sponsors from George as well as surrounding communities. The evening proved to be a huge amount of fun for learners, the audience and the independent judging panel who were blown away by the level of energy, commitment and fun on display. The stand-out performances on the evening were from Blanco Primary School with their rendition of Alladin and the Lights of Arabia and McKinlay Reid International School with their World Leader Summit held in George.

At Oakhurst Insurance, we know just how much hard work and preparation goes into performances like those displayed by the participating schools. We are also extremely inspired by the learners’ wonderful talents and commitment to raising climate change and energy efficiency awareness.
In recognition of the nine schools’ participation in this important drama festival, Oakhurst Insurance will be planting a tree in each school’s name at the Oakhurst Insurance Forest (near Hoekwil).
Everyone in the Oakhurst Insurance family strives to live by our philosophy of We Really Care and we hope that this gesture will inspire other schools to continue in their efforts to help the environment.

Oakhurst Insurance would like to congratulate and thank everyone involved, and we hope to see even more schools at next year’s George Municipality World of Tomorrow Drama Festival.

Exceptional talent was on show at the festival. Here is a list of the winners:

• Best actor (primary school) – Dwayne Gelderblom from Kretzenhoop Primary
• Best actress (primary school) – Ashlynne Manewil from St Mary’s Primary
• Best actor (high school) – Lingo Greyling from Rundle College
• Best actress (high school) – Gadija Adams from Thembalethu High
• Best primary school script, drama, production and message – Alladin and the Lights of Arabia by Blanco Primary
• Best high school script, drama, production, message and most creative workable solution to energy efficiency – World Leader Summit held in George by Mckinlay Reid International High School
• Best presentation from a primary school of the creative use of recycled materials and most creative workable solution to energy efficiency – Heidedal Primary
• Best high school presentation of creative use of recycled materials – Rundle College

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