Unlocking the powerful features of the Oakhurst Insurance Telematics Portal

The Oakhurst Insurance telematics Smart-Box that is installed in our clients’ cars uses cutting edge technology. It not only pinpoints your car’s exact location, but also measures driver behaviour in great detail. It enables us to provide you with tips on how to become a Safer driver, emergency Assistance as well as the ability to provide you with more accurate Premiums. This is known as the SAP (Safety, Assistance, Premiums) concept, the lifeblood of the Oakhurst Tree!

With the powerful data at our disposal we have created the Telematics Portal which is available to all Oakhurst Insurance clients that have the Smart-Box installed in their vehicles. All you have to do is log onto the portal found on our website and you are taken straight to the dashboard that displays your personal driving scores. 

On the telematics portal dashboard you’ll find the following useful features:

  1. You score for the current month

    Your score displayed is out of 100, and if your driving was perfect, your score would be precisely 100. However, you get what we call an “exception” – which is a deduction in score – if you drove slightly outside the boundaries of what is considered good driving, according to the 7 key indicators. The 7 key indicators are harsh braking, swerving, cornering, accelerating, speeding, distance travelled and time of day.

  2. The current location of your car

    This excellent function is also useful in tracking your car if you have a fleet of vehicles or if it’s been stolen.

  3. Trips and exceptions

    Here you can get a report for each trip, displaying the exceptions, as well as an exportable pdf logbook of these trips for tax purposes.

  4. The Park feature

    Activate this feature via the telematics portal whenever you park your car, and you’ll be notified if your car moves. It is easy to see how this could be highly useful if there is a theft in progress.

  5. The Safety Zone feature

    This is another excellent feature that allows you to set the zone for your car on a very user-friendly map. As soon as your car leaves this zone, you will receive a notification. This is another great feature if you have a fleet of vehicles.

Become part of the Good Driver Programme today by speaking to our chatbot, Dara, about a car insurance quote, and having the Smart-Box installed in your car. You will not only gain access to your very own dashboard on the Telematics Portal, but you will also enter a whole new world of driving.

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