Your driving logbook is ready for tax season on Oakhurst Insurance’s Telematics Portal

Do you need your driving logbook to complete your tax return this tax season?  A logbook will be needed to support claims for expenses for employer-provided vehicles, or for your own vehicle if it’s used for business purposes. If you are one of our comprehensive car insurance clients, then your Smart-Box (which is installed in your car) means you have access to all the wonders of telematics. This includes easy and immediate access to your driving logbooks. Let the Telematics Portal help you take the hassle out of tax season. Here are six quick and easy steps to getting your driving logbook:

  1. Simply log onto the Telematics Portal via the Oakhurst Insurance website (click here).
  2. If you’ve forgotten your username and/or password, we’re able send it to you immediately.
  3. Under the heading “DASHBOARD”, click on “TRIPS AND EXCEPTIONS”.
  4. Fill in the required dates for the report and click “Get Trips”. 
  5. Select the trips you’d like included in your report and click “Export Trips”. 
  6. You will then be asked to enter the email address where you’d like the logbook sent.

And just like that you’ll have a logbook which you can then use for tax purposes!

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