The Good Driver Programme’s 7 key indicators

One of the great things about having the Oakhurst Smart-Box fitted into your car is that you become part of the Good Driver Programme. The programme focuses on three areas of our SAP (Safety, Assistance, Premiums) concept:

  1. Safety – you will be encouraged to constantly improve behaviours which will reduce your risk of danger while driving.
  2. Assistance – our Smart-Box triggers Proactive Emergency Assistance. In the event of an accident, your Oakhurst Smart-Box will send us a crash notification so that we can assist you with emergency and towing services.
  3. Premiums – we are able to offer you a more accurate insurance premium by understanding your driving behaviour.

If you log onto Oakhurst’s Telematics Portal you’ll find your score, which is an indication of how safe your driving has been. This score is based on 7 key indicators, which you are able to monitor and deliberately make changes to the way you drive. Our top 200 drivers on the scoreboard get rewarded with cash-back on their monthly premium, some of them receiving up to 25% back. This happens each and every month.

Here are the Good Driver Programme’s 7 key driving indicators:

  1. Distance

    The greater your driving distance, the more time you’ll spend on the road and the greater your chance of being in an accident.


  2. Harsh acceleration

    People who pull away very quickly and accelerate forcefully place themselves and others at risk. Driving sensibly begins with the way we accelerate.


  3. Harsh braking

    This habit is usually closely associated with tailgating and speeding. Conservative drivers very seldom need to brake harshly.


  4. Speeding

    “Speed Kills!” We’ve found speed to be an overwhelming contributor to vehicle accidents and their severity. Slower drivers have a lower probability of being involved in an accident.


  5. Time of day

    Driving at night generally exposes you to greater hazards. Reducing your time on the road at night reduces your risk of being in a vehicle accident.


  6. Cornering

    Taking corners too fast is dangerous and could lead to your vehicle overturning or being involved in an accident. It’s important to reduce your driving speed before cornering.


  7. Swerving

    Swift movements when changing lanes or swerving at speed exposes you to a greater risk of being in a vehicle accident.


Become part of the Good Driver Programme today by speaking to our chatbot, Dara, about a car insurance quote, and having the Smart-Box installed in your car.

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