Use a Dashcam and Save with Oakhurst Insurance!

A dashcam is an onboard video camera that continuously records the view of the road through a car’s front windscreen.

Here’s why dashcams are beneficial:

  • Statistics reveal that as many as 50% of intersection collisions result in disputes.
  • Accidents arising from changing lanes have a high dispute percentage.
  • Circumstances giving rise to single-vehicle accidents are notoriously suspicious.

Dashcam footage provides factual (as opposed to opinion-based) evidence of what really transpired and substantially reduces the time spent on finalising claims, optimising swift and fair adjudication.

We reward clients with dashcams in their cars with an upfront 5% discount on their monthly premium.

Considering getting a dashcam?

Here are a few pointers:

  1. The quality of footage can vary. Validate the product’s ability.
  2. Dashcams should switch on and start recording when the car starts. Some can even operate when a car is parked, which could be a useful feature if it is hit while stationary.
  3. Dashcams usually record footage in small video files. Once the memory card fills up, it should automatically record over the oldest files first so that drivers can access the most recent footage should an incident occur. Keep this in mind if you need to access older footage.

In the event of an accident, this is the process to follow:

  1. Contact the Oakhurst Insurance Claims Department and confirm that your dashcam footage is available.
  2. Your claims administrator will supply you with a One Drive link.
  3. Upload the footage to the One Drive link.
  4. Inform your claims administrator when the upload is complete.

A dashcam is an excellent companion to the Oakhurst Insurance Smart-Box, our telematics device which collects data for our Good Driver Programme and aids in risk reduction, rewarding our safest drivers with cash-back on their premiums.

If you’ve recently had a dashcam installed or would like to know more about the Smart-Box, chat to Dara, our chatbot, for instant answers to your insurance-related queries.

Get a dashcam discount and a smoother claims process with insurance that really cares!

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