Did you know that an impact alert feature could save your life?

The Global status report on road safety 2018, launched by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in December 2018, shows that South Africa has one of the world’s poorest road safety records – 25.9 fatalities/100 000 people. With 45% of these fatalities occurring from cars and light vehicles, most of us are already aware of the threat of an accident every time we get behind the wheel. It is comforting however to know that technology can save lives, and that this is not some sci-fi technology for the distant future, but easily-accessible technology that is already within reach.

This technology is exactly what we at Oakhurst Insurance offer with the Oakhurst Smart-Box via our Good Driver Programme. The Smart-Box is a telematics device that is fitted in our clients’ cars. It will send us an impact alert (also known as a crash notification) in the event of a collision.

The concept of impact alert is simple. If you are driving and your car stops suddenly due to an accident, we are immediately made aware of it; alerting us about the urgent nature of the situation. The Smart-Box measures the g-force of the impact and will also inform us about the severity of the accident. We will contact you to hear if you require assistance. This feature could save your life.

But it’s not just in the case of emergency services that the impact alert feature benefits you. It also enables us to give you faster service, by allowing us to begin processing the claim at the scene of the accident. We were delighted by a recent account of how one of our clients benefitted from the impact alert feature. They received a call from us shortly after their accident, and we assisted them in processing the claim right there and then. In the above incident, we were also be able to direct towing services to the correct service provider and keep track of the vehicle’s whereabouts. This expediates the claim submission process.

All of this is made possible by the impact alert feature, alerting us to initiate faster service.

Telematics technology is essentially about pinpointing the location of your car using GPS navigation, but our Oakhurst Smart-Box does so much more than that. It is also able to help you become a safer driver by giving you feedback on your driving behaviour.

Speak to your broker today or our chatbot, Dara, for more information. If you’re already an Oakhurst client, remember to log onto our Telematics Portal (click here) to check your driving score and take advantage of the many useful features.

 Source: https://www.who.int/violence_injury_prevention/road_safety_status/2018/en/

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