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It’s traumatic enough being involved in an accident without the additional stress of having to face a complex claims process! You need an insurer that takes the stress out of it, has a streamlined approach and provides fast and friendly assistance.

When logging on to the Oakhurst website (, you’ll immediately be greeted by Dara, our gorgeous Chatbot. She’s able to help you with a multitude of insurance-related queries, and submitting a claim is one of the services where she provides a high-tech, world-class experience.

The entire process is fast and easy and allows you to effortlessly submit a claim 24/7, using only your ID or policy number. Once Dara has helped you complete the process you will be issued a claim number. You can also use Dara to check up on the status of your claim 24/7.

For any other insurance-related queries with Oakhurst, log on to our website (, chat to Dara, and experience the future for yourself.


Here are guidelines that will help you speed up your claim if you’ve been involved in a car accident:

1. Report the incident to the South African Police Services within 24 hours and obtain a copy of the accident
report and incident number.
2. Advise us of any potential loss within 30 days of the incident.
3. Provide us with the full name and badge number of any police officers who were on the scene.
4. Don’t allow anyone but us to arrange for the towing and storage of your car.
5. Use your cell phone to take photographs of the accident scene, the cars, driver’s licences, vehicle
licences etc.

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