Excess that reduces after every claim-free year!

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Imagine having car insurance where your excess automatically reduces every year…

There’s no need to imagine it. It’s happening. If you’re an Oakhurst Insurance client, your basic excess can reduce after every claim-free year on your comprehensive insurance policy.

Because We Really Care about our clients, we want to reward longstanding relationships through a unique insurance feature that will assist you when you need it most – by reducing, or even alleviating the basic excess on your claim.

Although the reducing excess structure is specific to each policy, yours could work as follows:

  • For the first year of your policy, your excess could be R 3 000.
  • Then, after one claim-free year, your excess could reduce automatically to R 2 000.
  • After yet another claim-free year, your excess could reduce again to R 1 000.
  • After your fourth claim-free year, your excess could reduce to R 500.
  • After your fifth claim-free year, you could have no basic excess required on your policy!

If you would like to know your latest reduced excess amount, ask our chatbot, Dara, to send you your policy schedule. Dara is available 24/7 to answer all your insurance-related queries.

If you are not an Oakhurst Insurance client, ask Dara for an instant quote now.

Get an insurance policy with an automatically reducing excess; get insurance that really cares.

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