Hit the road the right way this December

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2019 has absolutely motored by, and the home straight is in sight. For many South Africans this means a well-deserved holiday which usually involves road travel in one way or another. We want to encourage South African motorists to finish the year in the right way, and by that we mean safely. Here are eight essential tips to consider before your December holiday road trip.

1. Service your vehicle

Ensuring you have kept to your vehicle’s service and maintenance schedule will reduce the risk of it breaking down on the way to your destination. If a significant period has elapsed since its last service, it will become increasingly necessary to book it in for a service before you leave for your holiday.

2. Check your tyres and wheel alignment

Replace worn-out tyres and have experts rotate them correctly. Also ensure that your spare tyre is in a satisfactory condition.

3. Make sure your headlights, brake lights and indicators are working

Ask someone to stand outside your vehicle and make sure that all your lights are working correctly. If not, ensure that you make a vital trip to an auto electrician.

4. Make sure all safety belts are fully functional

Safety belts reduce the risk of fatalities in a road accident by 45% and severe injury by 50%. For the sake of your loved ones, have these urgently repaired or replaced before your long trip.

5. Make sure your licence disc and traffic fines are up to date

Not only will this do right by the law and the rules of the road, but you’ll drive with less anxiety knowing that your vehicle’s administration is up to date.

6. Familiarise yourself with your emergency services contact numbers

Check your various vehicle insurance policies and make sure that the emergency services contact numbers are on your contacts and speed-dial lists. Test the numbers beforehand and make sure you know what your benefits include.

7. Enjoy the journey and do not rush

Speeding presents the most imminent risk of road accidents. Make sure you stick to the speed limit. For a smooth, fuel-efficient journey, make 110 km/h your cruising mode. Compile a playlist of your favourite songs or get yourself an audiobook for the trip.

8. Leave rested, rest along the way and stay relaxed until you reach your destination

Many people battle to get a good night’s sleep before leaving for holiday; however, it is critical that you feel rested and energised before embarking on the journey. Once you’ve begun your trip, the rule of thumb is to rest every 2 hours or 200kms, whichever comes first. Drivers are often at their most impatient and frustrated as they near their destination; they just want the journey to be over. That is the time, however, to ensure you stay relaxed until you arrive safely.

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