Do you know what to do if your vehicle needs towing?

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If an accident was to happen and your vehicle needs to be towed, do you know exactly who to phone, what the next step should be or what the right protocol is?

Towing operators are often the first people on the scene of an accident and have even been known to save lives by administering first aid. They often work with authorities to clear the scene of an accident as fast as possible and ensure that traffic continues to flow.

However, there are also some unscrupulous operators who don’t belong to either of the two towing associations, and who involve themselves in malpractices such as bribing corrupt police officers and not informing vehicle owners of the towing costs, charging excessively for services such as storage.

Because We Really Care about our clients, we do not want their already traumatic experience further compounded by opportunists who are trying to exploit the vulnerable. Fortunately, we have principles for towing in place, ensuring our clients do not fall victim to this.

As an exclusive Oakhurst Gold Club member, you have access to towing services that allow you one free tow per incident. Simply call us on 0861 001 041 for assistance. Our team of qualified professionals are waiting to assist you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Once you have logged a case with one of our friendly agents, you will receive a reference number which you need to use to ensure your vehicle is not taken by an unauthorised towing company. Your vehicle will be taken to the nearest approved workshop. We will then transport you and up to three passengers (if necessary) to a place of safety or to your home, provided it’s within 100kms of the incident.

It often happens that during all the confusion, unauthorised towing operators remove clients’ vehicles from the scene of the accident. Please ensure that the towing company has the same reference number as you before handing your vehicle over to them.

In the case of an accident, Oakhurst Insurance will cover up to R1 000 for towing and R500 for storage fees, release fees and any other costs associated with the first tow (provided your claim is valid). Any further costs will be for your own account.

It is very important for you to follow the correct process by calling us directly. Please also call us if you have any other questions on 0861 001 041.

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