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As motorists in South Africa, we face the potential danger of vehicle theft. According to statistics released by Crime Stats SA, more than 48 000 vehicles and motorcycles were stolen in 2019 in SA*. Protecting your vehicle is our top priority, which is why we have a parked vehicle safety feature available to all our clients who have the Oakhurst Smart-Box fitted into their vehicle.

By activating the parked vehicle feature on our telematics portal, we will alert you if your vehicle moves from its specific parked location. It’s quick and easy to activate or deactivate the feature. All our comprehensive car insurance clients need to do when they park their car is:

  • Login to the Oakhurst Insurance Telematics Portal –
  • Click “DASHBOARD” on the homepage
  • Click on “ADDITIONAL SERVICES” in the dropdown box
  • Scroll down to “Park Vehicle” and click on it
  • Click the grey “Park Vehicle” button
  • You will then be asked to select a vehicle to park
  • Click on the vehicle and then click “Accept”

You will see a notification that says, “Successfully parked vehicle”. Your Parked Vehicle function is now activated!

It goes without saying how beneficial the Parked Vehicle function could be if there were a theft in progress, enabling a faster response time from the anti-theft response team.

Our telematics technology and portal gives our clients access to a wide range of benefits, such as:

  • Information on all your vehicles that have been fitted with the Oakhurst Smart-Box
  • Trip reports for any of your vehicles
  • Focused reports offering a more detailed overview of specific trips
  • The geo-fencing feature which allows you to define the area in which your vehicle can travel
  • Your driving score to see how you’ve fared behind the wheel
  • Driving tips

The Parked Vehicle function, as well as the many other features on the Telematics Portal, are sure to give you peace of mind and keep you safer on the road. Log onto the Telematics Portal via to familiarise yourself with all the useful features.


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