What is telematics?

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Being an Oakhurst client means more than just having a world-class car insurance product, it’s about being part of a company that really cares about your safety. We are fully committed to embracing technology and encouraging safer driving. Our Good Driver Programme is made possible by our Smart-Box, a state-of-the-art car management and monitoring device which uses telematics technology to accurately analyse your driving behaviour.

But….. what is telematics?

Simply put, telematics refers to a method of capturing and processing driving data, which is accomplished by installing our Oakhurst Smart-Box. This device, which is installed in your car, generates scores based on how, when and how much you drive.

Telematics is the foundation of our Good Driver Programme which focusses on Safety, Assistance and Premiums – SAP! It’s the lifeblood of the Oakhurst Tree:

  1. Safety – you will be encouraged to constantly improve behaviours which will reduce your risk of danger while driving. You could receive up to 25% cash-back on your monthly premium for your safe driving behaviour.
  2. Assistance – our Smart-Box triggers Proactive Emergency Assistance. In the event of an accident, your Oakhurst Smart-Box will send us a crash notification so that we can assist you with emergency and towing services. If needed, we can also proactively register your claim at the scene of the accident.
  3. Premiums – we are able to offer you a more accurate insurance premium by understanding your driving behaviour.

As part of our Good Driver Programme you will also have access to our Telematics Portal where you’ll get a dashboard that tracks your trips and driving scores, and also receive tips on how to make your driving even safer.

Become part of the Good Driver Programme today. Speak to your broker or our chatbot, Dara, about a car insurance quote, and having the Smart-Box installed in your car. If you’re already an Oakhurst client, remember to log onto our Telematics Portal (click here) to check your driving score and take advantage of the many useful features.

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