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Car & Home insurance

Insure your car, home and contents with us. You can experience the convenience of unsurpassed levels of service and choose from our wide range of affordable, tailor-made cover options.

Options include Essential Product offerings which provide additional cover for risks not always included in standard options, and Gold Club benefits such as roadside assistance. We also have a Good Driver Programme that not only rewards good driving behaviour with cash-back benefits, but also by its nature reduces your risk whilst on the road. In addition to these motor related products and benefits, you can also protect yourself comprehensively with home and contents cover.


Ever wondered about the inconvenience and extent of financial stress you will suffer if your car is written off or stolen? We provide a wide range of affordable cover options which offer financial protection against a multitude of potential hazards and risks.

In addition to insuring your car against third party liability, fire, theft and accidental damage, we also offer other unique benefits:

  • A variety of excess structure options…Choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • A Good Driver Rewards Programme offering up to 25% cash-back on your monthly premium, accurate insurance premiums and proactive emergency assistance with our impact alert technology.
  • Essential Products – add-on products that insures your car against almost every eventuality.
  • Gold Club –benefits include Roadside Emergency, Medical Emergency, Household Emergency, Legal benefits, Road Protect as well as Lifestyle discounts.



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Insure your most important asset and everything inside it, all under one policy and at affordable rates. This includes the cover options of buildings, contents, all risks, personal liability, personal accident and watercraft.

Clients will also receive Gold Club’s benefit called Household Emergency which provides you with the assistance of various service providers such as plumbers, electricians and locksmiths.



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