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Car insurance

We provide you with a number of unique insurance solutions that are designed to suit your individual needs, and that cover you in the event of your car being damaged, written off or stolen. We also have a Good Driver Programme (read more) that not only rewards you for good driving behaviour but is also designed to focus your attention on road safety. Our add-on insurance Essential Products and Gold Club benefits provide numerous value offerings and assistance for a host of needs and circumstances.

We provide cover for:

  • Motorcars
  • Motorcycles
  • Caravans
  • Trailers

We offer:

  • Comprehensive cover
  • Third party, fire and theft cover
  • Third party only cover
  • Total loss
  • Essential Products
  • Good Driver Programme
  • Gold Club membership


Comprehensive cover

This cover protects you against accidental damage, fire, theft and third-party liability.
(Third party liability cover is designed to protect you against having to pay the cost of the damages to other vehicles or people involved in accidents where the insured driver of your vehicle is at fault).




Third party, fire and theft

With this more affordable option, you have cover for third party liability, fire and theft.
Note however, that you will not have cover under this policy for damage to your own car.




Third party only

This option only covers you for third party liability.
(Third party liability cover is designed to protect you against having to pay the cost of the damages to other vehicles or people involved in accidents where the insured driver of your vehicle is at fault).




Total loss

This option gives you cover against the risk of your car being stolen or written-off.
You will not have cover for any accidental or other damages incurred in the event that you do not suffer a total loss (i.e. theft or write-off).



Additional Benefits

Good Driver Programme

With the Good Driver Programme, the safer you drive, the more you could be rewarded. The programme uses leading-edge telematics technology through the Oakhurst Smart-Box (which is installed in your car) and gives you feedback on your driving. By being ranked near the top of one of our various leaderboards, you could be in line for a monthly cash-back reward of up to 25% of your premium with our Good Driver Bonus! (Ts & Cs apply)

The benefits of the Good Driver Programme:

  • 1. Driving safety – You could receive up to 25% cash-back on your monthly premium for your safe driving behaviour.

  • 2. Proactive emergency assistance – In the event of an accident, your Oakhurst Smart-Box will send us a crash notification so we can assist you with emergency and towing services.

  • 3. Accurate insurance premiums – Data from the Oakhurst Smart-Box allows us to offer accurate premiums based on your driving behaviour.

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Essential Products

We are committed to creating real added value for you and your individual insurance needs. That is why we have a whole host of excellent Essential Products that will suit your individual needs. You’ll find that these products will add enormous value to your life. Whether it’s protecting your car against scratches and dents or extending your car’s warranty, there’s something for everyone.

Here’s a list of our Essential Products:

  • Depreciation Cover
  • Essential Motor Bundle
  • Essential Motor Bundle Lite
  • Excess Buster
  • Lights, Badges & Mirrors
  • Platinum Cover
  • Roadwise Car Warranty
  • Roadwise Chips & Scratches

  • Roadwise Plus
  • Roadwise Tyre & Rim
  • Scratchzone
  • Vehicle Contents Cover
  • Vital Household
  • Vital Support

Gold Club

Gold Club is an exclusive membership package that offers you fantastic benefits as part of your insurance with Oakhurst. These include:

  • Household Emergency
  • Medical Emergency
  • Roadside Emergency

  • Legal benefits
  • Road Protect
  • Lifestyle discounts



Why does it matter how long I have had my driver’s licence?

Car insurance premiums can be affected by the length of time you have had your driver’s licence. It is common practice in the insurance industry to rate a new driver as a higher risk. With Oakhurst, of course, you have the chance to prove this wrong by driving well and participating in our Good Driver programme.

How do I claim back my excess from a third party if the accident was not my fault?

Our dedicated claims and recoveries department will try to assist in recovering your excess from the person who caused the accident. Although we will fight hard to recover your excess, practical considerations may come to the fore and the recovery cannot be guaranteed. It can be a lengthy process if the other person disputes their liability or if we have to trace the person and follow up on missing information.

What are the differences between retail, trade and market value?

Retail value is the value that a dealer would sell a car for, taking its age, condition and mileage into account. Trade value is what a dealer would pay you when you trade in your car. Market value is the average between the retail and trade values. If your car is covered for its market value and is then written off, stolen or hijacked and not recovered, the settlement amount is based on the market value minus the excess. This same principle applies for cars that are insured for retail and trade value.

How can I change the driver information listed on my policy?

You can change this information by logging in to your profile on our website or by calling your personal portfolio consultant on 0861 001 041. Changes are usually processed within 24 hours.

Client testimonials

Quickly and efficiently

"I have one car that is covered by Oakhurst and there is no other insurer I’d rather work with. When I spoke to Wendy she explained everything to me about the cover I should take."

Solomon Mahasa, Centurion
A very BIG thank you

“I was more stressed over the [claims] process than about my car being stolen but from the start Rianne was amazing. A very BIG thank you to all involved; I will recommend you to my family and friends.”

Laetitia Murray, Meyerton
Claim sorted

“My car was stolen and retrieved within an hour. What a relief to have your claim sorted out by professional and qualified people.”

Mpumi Ndlovu, Mamelodi

*Please note that client testimonials found on this or any other page on this website do not constitute as financial advice.