Use a Dashcam and Save with Oakhurst Insurance!


× A dashcam is an onboard video camera that continuously records the view of the road through a car’s front windscreen. Here’s why dashcams are beneficial: Statistics reveal that as many as 50% of intersection collisions result in disputes. Accidents arising from changing lanes have a high dispute percentage. Circumstances giving rise to single-vehicle accidents […]



No time for insurance admin? Let our chatbot, Dara, help you


If you’ve recently visited our website, you will have met Dara, Oakhurst’s very own chatbot. Dara is an Artificial Intelligence assistant who opens a whole new world of intuitive human-machine interaction and provides an enhanced customer experience to our clients. Dara is innovatively geared towards problem-solving, addressing requests and general administrative tasks. Here are three […]



The Good Driver Programme’s 7 key indicators


One of the great things about having the Oakhurst Smart-Box fitted into your car is that you become part of the Good Driver Programme. The programme focuses on three areas of our SAP (Safety, Assistance, Premiums) concept: Safety – you will be encouraged to constantly improve behaviours which will reduce your risk of danger while […]



Your driving logbook is ready for tax season on Oakhurst Insurance’s Telematics Portal


 Do you need your driving logbook to complete your tax return this tax season?  A logbook will be needed to support claims for expenses for employer-provided vehicles, or for your own vehicle if it’s used for business purposes. If you are one of our comprehensive car insurance clients, then your Smart-Box (which is installed […]



Oakhurst provides a warm welcome with our hospitality insurance


With tourism in South Africa accounting for 9% of our GDP, the industry is expected to grow even faster over the next 5 years. It’s projected that South Africa will see more than 19 million travellers by 2022. Meeting the growing demand of the hospitality industry for specialised insurance requirements, Oakhurst Insurance has first-class news […]



Unlocking the powerful features of the Oakhurst Insurance Telematics Portal


The Oakhurst Insurance telematics Smart-Box that is installed in our clients’ cars uses cutting edge technology. It not only pinpoints your car’s exact location, but also measures driver behaviour in great detail. It enables us to provide you with tips on how to become a Safer driver, emergency Assistance as well as the ability to […]



Experience Artificial Intelligence through our chatbot, Dara


What’s being called the 4th industrial revolution is upon us and is here to stay. It’s about how we live, work and interact with one another. Thanks to technological developments, we have now entered a whole new chapter of human history, and the changes are so significant that they are being compared to the great […]



Who is Dara?


If you’ve logged onto our website, you will have been greeted by Dara, very politely offering to be of assistance. At Oakhurst we’re serious about embracing technology, remaining on the cutting edge of innovation, and always providing service excellence. Dara is our very own Chatbot who provides a world class interface for highly effective servicing […]



7 tips to save on fuel spend after the petrol price increase


South Africans are known for their resilience and are able to cope with a variety of financial challenges. One of these (which happens to be out of our control) is the constantly changing fuel price. The months of March and April saw a change of direction in the fuel price. The reason for this is […]



Tips to be mindful of over the holidays before starting your road travels


We have a burning desire to see a marked reduction in the number of accidents on our roads. Awareness campaigns do make a difference and there is no doubt that there is much scope for improved driver behaviour on our roads. To this end, we are exceptionally passionate about telematics and our Oakhurst Smart-Box which […]