Unlocking the powerful features of the Oakhurst Insurance Telematics Portal


The Oakhurst Insurance telematics Smart-Box that is installed in our clients’ cars uses cutting edge technology. It not only pinpoints your car’s exact location, but also measures driver behaviour in great detail. It enables us to provide you with tips on how to become a Safer driver, emergency Assistance as well as the ability to […]



Experience Artificial Intelligence through our chatbot, Dara


What’s being called the 4th industrial revolution is upon us and is here to stay. It’s about how we live, work and interact with one another. Thanks to technological developments, we have now entered a whole new chapter of human history, and the changes are so significant that they are being compared to the great […]



Who is Dara?


If you’ve logged onto our website, you will have been greeted by Dara, very politely offering to be of assistance. At Oakhurst we’re serious about embracing technology, remaining on the cutting edge of innovation, and always providing service excellence. Dara is our very own Chatbot who provides a world class interface for highly effective servicing […]



7 tips to save on fuel spend after the petrol price increase


South Africans are known for their resilience and are able to cope with a variety of financial challenges. One of these (which happens to be out of our control) is the constantly changing fuel price. The months of March and April saw a change of direction in the fuel price. The reason for this is […]



Tips to be mindful of over the holidays before starting your road travels


We have a burning desire to see a marked reduction in the number of accidents on our roads. Awareness campaigns do make a difference and there is no doubt that there is much scope for improved driver behaviour on our roads. To this end, we are exceptionally passionate about telematics and our Oakhurst Smart-Box which […]



Keep a tip-top engine with these top 10 tips


It’ll make you sit up and pay attention to hear that your driving can majorly influence the lifetime of your engine. Bad driving habits that continuously put pressure on certain parts of the engine will shorten their life, while better habits can extend their life. During tough economic times it’s important for us to preserve […]



A sweet Valentine’s Day from the Oakhurst staff


February is the month of love and Oakhurst staff had the opportunity to get their creativity flowing by hand-crafting over 300 cards with heart-warming messages on them for Valentine’s Day. These cards also included sweet treats and were distributed to orphans and vulnerable mothers from various establishments in George. The places visited by Oakhurst staff […]



The Outeniqua Wheelchair Challenge


The 16th Outeniqua Wheelchair Challenge recently took place in the picturesque town of George on 18 February. The Challenge is unique as being the first and only event exclusively for the disabled in South Africa. This year, 1000 athletes in racing wheelchairs, adapted bicycles, hand cycles, basketball chairs and ordinary wheelchairs travelled from all over […]



Oakhurst Eden Xperience goes the extra mile


Oakhurst Insurance were once again very blessed to donate to Up with Down’s, an extraordinary special-care facility in George for those living with Down syndrome, as well as those with special needs. As headline sponsors of the “Eden Xperience”, Oakhurst handed over a cheque from proceeds raised at last year’s event which is organised by […]



SA Toll Route Calculator


Whether you’re going to hit the road for religious reasons, to visit family or a road trip with your friends, planning every detail of the entire trip is very important – especially when it comes to budgeting. Travelling between cities and provinces will most likely result in you passing a few tollgates on the way […]