7 tips to save on fuel spend after the petrol price increase


South Africans are known for their resilience and are able to cope with a variety of financial challenges. One of these (which happens to be out of our control) is the constantly changing fuel price. The months of March and April saw a change of direction in the fuel price. The reason for this is […]


Tips to be mindful of over the holidays before starting your road travels


We have a burning desire to see a marked reduction in the number of accidents on our roads. Awareness campaigns do make a difference and there is no doubt that there is much scope for improved driver behaviour on our roads. To this end, we are exceptionally passionate about telematics and our Oakhurst Smart-Box which […]


Keep a tip-top engine with these top 10 tips


It’ll make you sit up and pay attention to hear that your driving can majorly influence the lifetime of your engine. Bad driving habits that continuously put pressure on certain parts of the engine will shorten their life, while better habits can extend their life. During tough economic times it’s important for us to preserve […]


SA Toll Route Calculator


Whether you’re going to hit the road for religious reasons, to visit family or a road trip with your friends, planning every detail of the entire trip is very important – especially when it comes to budgeting. Travelling between cities and provinces will most likely result in you passing a few tollgates on the way […]


12 essential car travel tips


Johannesburg – Public schools across South Africa close for the end-of-year holidays from December 6, this means thousands of motorists will undoubtedly be on the roads soon thereafter. As South African heads toward the festive season it’s important to note that it’s also the most dangerous period of the year, with more people involved in […]


Telematics FAQs


“Can I actually improve my Good Driver score?” and other “FAQ’s” The answer is a definitive “Yes”! The Telematics Smart-Box is one of our most unique features at Oakhurst Insurance. This offering has been designed to create safer, smarter drivers. Achieving driver Safety, providing proactive emergency Assistance and accurate insurance Premiums (SAP) will always be […]


Road Protect benefits


Stay out of trouble with these hassle-free services. Thinking about your entire driving experience is what we do at Oakhurst Insurance. We’re not just interested in making sure you have sufficient cover for your vehicle. We know there is a lot more to driving on our county’s roads, and we are here to partner with […]


Are you going to take that call?


Oakhurst Insurance encourages safe driving for all people at all times and we think it important to alert everyone to the fact that April is National Distracted Driver Awareness month. Experts repeatedly confirm that driving is a highly cognitive process. When driving, there shouldn’t be any question on allowing your brain to focus on other […]


What are your ‘TOP 10’ golden rules of the road?


It’s always important to revisit the basics of road safety from time to time. South Africa still has a long way to go when it comes to reducing the number of fatal incidents on our roads. With April being a very busy time on South Africa’s roads due to school holidays, Easter celebrations and members […]


Proudly launching our Oakhurst Chatbot


Our Oakhurst Chatbot is a program that simulates a real conversation with users by using artificial intelligence. Chatbot ‘lives’ on the Home Page of our website and offers you an exciting and easy way to engage with us. Try it out and enjoy a super-fast and stimulating experience! Chatbots are really easy to use. Many […]