How do I claim back my excess from a third party if the accident was not my fault?
What are my legal obligations if I have an accident?
What are the differences between retail, trade and market value?
What is “uninterrupted cover”?
What types of car insurance cover can I get?
How can I change the driver information listed on my policy?
What is a “driver’s licence endorsement”?
What is a “driver’s licence suspension”?
Why does it matter how long I have had my driver’s licence for?


What if I have given the incorrect details?
What is an excess?
Will my premium increase after a claim?
About the underwriter
How will I be compensated for the loss of or damage to any of my insured items?
Can I submit a claim after business hours?
How can I check the status of my claim?
How do I submit a claim?
How can I get copies of my policy documentation?
What are the benefits of managing my policy online?
Why must I log in?
Can I manage my policy online?
What is insurance ? By the South African Insurance Association (SAIA)


If anything happens to me, who will submit my claim?
Can I change the beneficiaries on my policy?
What is a “beneficiary”?
Why should I have life insurance?


Will you share my telematics data with anyone else?
Do I have to pay extra for the Oakhurst Smart-Box?
What happens to the Oakhurst Smart-Box in my car when I cancel my insurance policy?
How can I test the Oakhurst Smart-Box to make sure it’s working?
Where can I have the Oakhurst Smart-Box installed in my car?
Will I be notified of my scores?
Where can I see my scores, driving behaviour and progress?
When will I not be paid the Good Driver Bonus?
For how long must the Oakhurst Smart-Box be fitted before I can qualify for the Good Driver Bonus?
How can I improve my score?
Do negative observations affect my overall scores?
How much can I get back with the Good Driver Bonus?
How is the Good Driver Bonus calculated?
How do we measure your driving behaviour?
What are the benefits of having an Oakhurst Smart-Box in my car?
How do I get the Oakhurst Smart-Box installed in my car?
Can I use an existing telematics device in my car to qualify for the Good Driver bonus?
What is telematics?
What is the Oakhurst Smart-Box?