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Our Good Driver Programme

Because we really care about you, we are fully committed to embracing technology, thus enhancing our offering and encouraging safer driving. Our Good Driver Programme is made possible by our Smart-Box, a state-of-the-art car management and monitoring device which uses telematics technology to accurately analyse your driving behaviour.

Good Driver Programme benefits

Innovative technology that keeps you safe.
Using telematics technology we have implemented the Good Driver Programme which focuses on SAP the lifeblood of the Oakhurst Telematics initiative – SAFETY, ASSISTANCE & PREMIUMS!

By engaging in our Good Driver Programme, you will be encouraged with heightened awareness to constantly improve behaviours which will reduce your risk of danger while driving.
Our Smart-Box triggers Proactive Emergency Assistance.
In the event of an accident, your Oakhurst Smart-Box will send us a crash notification so that we can assist you with emergency and towing services.
Data from the Oakhurst Smart-Box allows us to offer you accurate premiums based on your driving behaviour.
Remember also that you could receive up to 25% cash-back on your monthly premium for your safe driving behaviour!

Good Driver Bonus*

The Oakhurst Smart-Box monitors your driving behaviour according to the seven key indicators.

We calculate your score for each trip you complete in your car (the maximum score is 100%), which is then tallied up to give you your Good Driver score.

The seven key indicators are:

  • Distance travelled
  • Harsh acceleration
  • Harsh braking
  • Speed
  • Time of day
  • Cornering
  • Swerving

How we work out your bonus
At the end of the month, your final score is compared to the scores of our other clients on one of three leaderboards:

  • Low distance
  • Medium distance
  • High distance

The top 100 drivers on each leaderboard receive 25% of their monthly premiums back in cash, while the second 100 receive 15% of their premiums back in cash.

*Risk profile dependent.
Ts & Cs apply.

The Telematics Portal

You can log onto our Telematics Portal via this website. The portal offers you more information about your vehicle’s Smart-Box as well as your driving habits. It allows you to monitor your scores and compares them with other Oakhurst drivers. Here you’ll receive tips on how you can improve your driving behaviour, encouraging you to aim for the Good Driver Bonus.

By logging on, you can access:

  • Information on all your cars that have the Smart-Box
  • Trip reports for any of your cars
  • Focused reports offering a more detailed overview of specific trips
  • Exceptions reports showing when and why points were deducted
  • The geo-fencing feature which allows you to define the area in which your car is allowed to travel
  • The park feature, which notifies you that your car has moved when it shouldn’t have
  • Your driving score to see how you’ve fared behind the wheel
  • Driving tips


What is telematics?

Telematics is the technology used in the Oakhurst Smart-Box which allows us to monitor a car’s driving patterns. We monitor the location, movement, status and behaviour of a car. This is done through a combination of a GPS receiver and an electronic device installed in your car, which communicates with the user software. This data is then converted into the information we use to measure your driving behaviour.

Can I use an existing telematics device in my car to qualify for the Good Driver Bonus?

Oakhurst can use data obtained from certain other devices. Call us on 0861 001 041 for clarity on your specific device.

How do I get the Oakhurst Smart-Box installed in my car?

When you take out an Oakhurst insurance policy, we will call you within three working days of its inception to make the necessary arrangements for the fitment of the Oakhurst Smart-Box into your car. We will arrange a place, date and time that suits you. Remember that the Oakhurst Smart-Box must be fitted within 14 days of taking out your policy.

How is the Good Driver Bonus calculated?

We base the Good Driver Bonus on the average scores for all the trips you complete in your car during any given month.