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Cover Options

Oakhurst Business insurance covers the client’s business against any unforseen future losses. It is designed for businesses that want to cover and insure all their assets under one policy.

We understand that not all businesses are the same and that the insurance needs of one business may differ completely from another. For this reason, Oakhurst Business clients can select from a range of cover options to build a policy that suits their unique needs.

We encourage our partners to identify and work with businesses to develop their own unique niche products.

Commercial Vehicles

Cover for private-type vehicles (Sedan vehicles, SUV’s, MPV’s), light delivery vehicles up to 3 500 kgs (LDVs), trailers, caravans, golf carts and motorcycles.

Heavy Commercial Vehicle

Comprehensive, third party, fire and theft cover or third-party cover only for heavy commercial vehicles up to 15 000kgs

Goods in Transit

Comprehensive insurance for goods that are not transported by vehicles described in the schedule; restricted cover can be taken.

Office Contents

Comprehensive insurance for office contents, rent, documents, legal-liability documents and cost of working.

Electronic Equipment

Cover for material damage and consequential data programmes damage for computers and electronic equipment.

Accidental Damage

Covers accidental loss of or damage to property by any cause that is not specifically excluded or for which insurance may be available under any other policy.

Business All Risks

Comprehensive cover for portable items that can be removed from the business premises.


Covers loss of or damage to all contents as a result of theft with forcible or violent entry.

Business Interruption

Covers loss following interruption to or interference with the business resulting from damage to buildings that have Fire, Buildings Combined or Office Contents insurance.

Buildings Combined

Comprehensive cover for buildings such as offices, flats, hotels and schools.


Covers damage to policyholder’s property or property for which they are responsible caused by fire, lightning or storms, explosions and other specified perils.


Covers accidental breakage of glass and any damage to the property caused by the breakage.

Public Liability

Covers the policyholder for legal liability for death, bodily injury, illness or damage to property arising out of the business.

Employer’s Liability

Covers amounts which the policyholder may become legally liable to pay in the event of the death, injury or illness of any employee while on duty.

Machinery Breakdown

Cover for material loss of or damage to machinery and consequential loss as a result of machinery breakdown.

Machinery Breakdown Business interruption

Cover for loss following the interruption of or interference with the business as a result of material damage covered under Machinery Breakdown (48-hour time excess).


Covers loss of money (cash and cheques).


Covers loss of money or damage to property as a result of dishonest employees.

Stated Benefits

Covers the policyholder’s employees for accidental death or bodily injury; benefits are based on the employees’ salaries.

Group Personal Accident

Covers the policyholder’s employees for accidental death or bodily injury; benefits are based on specific amounts.

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By choosing Oakhurst Commercial Insurance, you will enjoy,

  • Cover that is tailored around your specific business needs
  • World-class service from a dedicated team of specialists
  • Competitive premiums
  • Access to professional and reputable repairers
  • Peace of mind that you are sufficiently covered

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