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The contents of any home are always at risk of loss or damage and everyone should protect their valuables with the right insurance. At Oakhurst we understand the need for clear, effective and solid cover at the most affordable rates.

Our Cover

We provide cover for loss or damage caused by

  • Fire, lightning, explosion and earthquake
  • Storm, wind, hail, snow and flood
  • Water or oil leakage from household appliances (such as geysers or dishwashers)
  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Collision or impact by vehicles, animals, falling branches or trees, aircraft or other flying objects or anything dropped from them


If you choose to insure your household contents with Oakhurst, you will receive a number of value-added benefits.

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Discounted premiums for security measures

We offer a discounted premium if you have these fully-maintained and properly-working security measures in place:

  • Burglar bars on all open windows and security gates on all outside doors
  • A linked alarm system with 24-hour armed response

Gold Club Household Emergency Benefits *

Our household-contents insurance clients enjoy 24/7 access to

  • Plumber assistance
  • Electrician assistance
  • Appliance assistance
  • Glazier assistance
  • Locksmith assistance
  • Referral services

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*T’s and C’s apply

For more information or a household insurance quotation, please click here to enter your details or call us on 0861 001 041.

Would you like to know more about our products?